Purwasari villagers can now feel relieved as the area is currently included as one of the villages around the Darmaga campus of IPB. This means that the difficulties experienced by the villagers related to animal feed, lack of market for leading products, environmental hygiene and productivity can easily get attention and solutions from IPB.

Vice Head of the Community Service Division of LPPM IPB, Dr. Prastowo said that IPB will facilitate Purwasari residents who have difficulties or problems related to agriculture. He also said that IPB is ready to help market the excellent products of Purwasari Village, as particularly IPB has a means of packaging or packaging house to increase the selling price of a product with good packaging. IPB will also help with the food quality and safety. His statements got a response from the PKK of Purwasari Village, reporting that the sweet potato snack, which is the village’s excellent product, is of poor marketing.

Responding to the farmer group who complained about the feed for rabbits and shrimp, Dr. Prastowo promises that in the near future his team will invite farmer groups of Purwasari village to meet with agricultural experts of IPB to find solutions and increase agricultural yields in Purwasari Village. He hopes that the communication of IPB with the villages around the campus can continue in order to build partnerships and eventually self-reliance. This was expressed during the Friday Tour, on 16/9. (Mtd)

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